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This wedding was held on 428 (BERSIH DAY) at Sungai Petani, it was a church wedding with very nice decoration. And guess what? Janet herself involved in all the deco design & planning!
So far this was the most challenging SDE slideshow that I’ve ever done due to the very limited time frame, because we need to travel all the way from SP to G Hotel Penang during peak hour (or should I say ‘peak day’ because of BERSIH rally?), traffic were heavily jam and I need to start do the slideshow in the car! (I felt very dizzy… @.@)
But no matter how, we managed to finish the slideshow and the feedback during the playback was very good! I felt relief and satisfy when the guests give our work a big applause… 🙂

Congrats to Danny & Janet!

*Photography buddy – Alex Tang
*Videography Team – Digimax Video Productions
*Live Band Performance – Starz Band

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